analysis of the impacts of load shifting dependent dsm strategy in a neighboring locality in bangladesh

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Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering


In recent years, end users management of power usage has been given more importance to ensure efficient and effective use of electricity. One such tool, that can improve the end user power use scenario is Demand Side Management (DSM). The main theme of DSM is to reduce power wastage, improve efficiency and to reduce the price of electricity to the consumer. In this work,We have investigated the effects of residential customers’ load shifting compared to their historical patterns of energy consumption. We have followed the data collection methodology of a similar study to take realistic load profile of the consumers. We have collected 10 individual house data from different locations to keep variety in the load profiles of the consumers and to find out an overall scenario. Initially, we have used an excel spreadsheet to take consumer data then we made simulink model for each user. The simulink model has been used to simulate the load shifting and its impacts. From the study we found that 6.7% of the total load can be shifted from peak electric hour to off peak hour. This study can make an important role in applying load shifting among mass consumer and to examine its impacts.


submitted by Md. Shamiun Reza, bearing Matric ID. ET173055 and Md. Ryhanul Islam, bearing Matric ID. ET173060 of session Spring 21,