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    Teaching Stress to ESL Students
    (CRP, International Islamic University Chittagong, Bangladesh, 2010-06) Hossain, Gazi Shahadat; Tarannum, Sawsan
    In English conversation, people use their voice as a complex instrument. As they use sound systems of their languages, their pronunciation usually produces infinite variations of meaning. This variation made by stress on particular syllable or word creates confusion in the minds of the ESL (English as a Second Language) students in identifying the correct meaning of the word. So it is essential for ESL students to be familiar with English stress pattern. This essay will highlight the meaning and role of stress, the ways of raising awareness among the students and the techniques of teaching it in the classroom
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    A Study of Digital Signature and Its Legal Implications in Context of Bangladesh
    (CRP, International Islamic University Chittagong, Bangladesh, 2010-06) Murad, Mohammad Hasan
    The exponential growth of Information and Communication Technology particularly internet has brought about a revolution in the way we do financial and commercial transaction. Electronic commerce opened the door to reach out to global markets. Business has transcended geographical or time limit. More and more, Governments, businesses and consumers are taking advantage of the fast and efficient ways of information technology to conduct commerce. The internet is being used to exchange information; products and services are being designed and marketed ,bought ,sold and even delivered to places which was unimaginable even two decades ago. The internet has helped to achieve true globalization. E-commerce enhances convenience and choice, promote competition, and above all, generate new business opportunities and market efficiencies. However , the growth of e –commerce posed a profound concern of security and authenticity of the transactions as internet is open to all and perpetrators are always out there. This concern called for security, authentication and identification measures on internet to prevent fraud and malicious transaction. The technology has responded to this concern by developing online authentication and identification technology namely electronic signature, principally, digital signature. In this paper I have explored the meaning, technology of digital signature and discussed legal issues of digital signature particularly in context of Bangladesh
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    Note of Existentialism in the Poetry of Philip Larkin
    (CRP, International Islamic University Chittagong, Bangladesh, 2010-06) Uddin, Mohammad Taj
    Existentialism became popular in the twentieth century, and it captured virtually every form of human thought and expression, including the novel, the theatre, poetry, art and theology. Though this philosophy had no specific system or sets of systems, yet it got a wide range of responses due to contemporary social circumstances. Individuals of the 20th century had a problematic existence with anguish, uncertainty, fear, alienation and despair because of different negative socio-political and cultural events that affected every aspect of life in Europe. Philip Larkin belonged to the same century and most of his poems present the typical problems of existence of an individual in the contemporary society. With an aim of better understanding of the poetry of Philip Larkin this paper explores how the poet, while dealing with the themes of his poetry, reflects the mood and ideas of existentialist philosophers. Since philosophy is closely connected with literature, as with other branches of knowledge, this study may help the readers understand Larkin’s poetry from a new perspective
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    Delphi Technique in Urban Poverty Alleviation in Bangladesh: A Case Study of Rajshahi City
    (2010-06) Moral, Jahan Boksh; Sobhani, Farid Ahammad; Rainis, Ruslan
    This study aims at investigating scholastic thoughts regarding poverty alleviation in Bangladesh. Two round Delphi techniques were applied to obtain experts’ opinion in support of probable resolution of poverty. University academics, government officials, non-government executives, and social & political personalities have been considered as scholars. The study reveals that limitation of job is the fundamental cause of poverty. Consequently, the poor are bound to live in vulnerable unhygienic places where inadequate services are prevailing. It is also opined by the experts that home-based work and special training will help the poor to get job that will lead to reduce poverty to a great extent. A lack of integration is evident among different opinions of the scholars. As a result, the poverty reduction efforts show insignificant achievement in view of its goal. A number of suggestions have been recommended to alleviate poverty in the urban area like Rajshahi city in Bangladesh
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    : Vindication of Newman’s Views on Liberal Education from Contemporary Perspective
    (CRP, International Islamic University Chittagong, Bangladesh, 2010-06) Alam, Mohammed Sarwar
    Through his provocative and evocative lectures at the Catholic University of Ireland, John Henry Cardinal Newman (1801-1890) appealed to incorporate liberal education in university education to form a better and sounder society. Endorsing Newman’s views/thesis, this paper argues that colonially shaped, commercially motivated and morally bankrupt higher education system has strained liberal education to a large extent. And predictably, now we are perhaps experiencing an increasingly paradoxical scenario of an inhuman society by the human beings. In spite of predictable and unpredictable changes in social dynamics and paradigms since Newman expressed his views, this paper seeks to arrive at an understanding that his insightful defence of liberal education is still rewardingly relevant.
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    Celtic Tradition: The Guiding Force of William Butler Yeats
    (CRP, International Islamic University Chittagong, Bangladesh, 2010-06) Karim, Sajjadul
    The folklore, myth, and legends of ancient Celtic traditions inspired William Butler Yeats a lot. By not falling into the trap of overly romanticizing his work, as many other authors of the time would do, Yeats was able to begin a tradition of another sort, the Irish literary tradition. By giving importance on the Irish culture in his work, Yeats fulfilled his own sense of national pride to the delight of his readers and audiences and to the chagrin of many of his English contemporaries who felt that nothing of value or worthy of study could come out of Ireland. From 1890 he was a member of the occult group of the Golden Dawn1, which fuelled his fascination with the mystic symbols of rosicrucianism and cabbalism. Because of these activities his thinking gave an emphasis on magic and apocalypticism that would remain a constant feature of his work. This article aims at exploring the Irish myth, folklore, occultism and the tradition that inspired William Butler Yeats
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    Necessity of initiating Rating Scale for more reliable assessment of writing skill at HSC level: a case study
    (CRP, International Islamic University Chittagong, Bangladesh, 2010-06) Kabir, Mohammed Humayun
    In this essay, firstly, I will discuss importance of rating scales, relationship between assessment criteria and operations and conditions and effectiveness of rating scales while assessing writing. Secondly, I will examine a selection of scales and subsequently there will be an estimation of those in meeting objectives of the tests and of the course. Finally, I will recommend a suitable rating scale to test English First paper and English Second Paper writing skill at HSC level in Bangladesh evaluating the existing one where I will mention steps to be taken to reduce inter and intra- rating fluctuation in scoring
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    Classroom Situation in Reading Classes of the Foundation English Course (FEC) at International Islamic University Chittagong (IIUC): An Empirical Study
    (CRP, International Islamic University Chittagong Bangladesh, 2010-06) Mahmud, Mohammad Riaz
    The article aims at depicting the present scenario of teaching reading skill to the students of Foundation English Course (FEC) through an empirical study. Two questionnaires have been used for collecting data from learners and teachers to point out the weak areas of ineffective teaching and to identify the shortcomings in teaching reading skill. Collected data have been analyzed under eight points and recommendations have been made separately under those points to overcome the weak areas of ineffective teaching.