Wage Principles in Islamic Law : An Analysis

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Centre for Research on Islamic Management and Business


Wage is one of the fundamental issues for the workers and its protection was always being spoken by them and was one normative demand that until today still left lots of problems for labour world thus give birth to several legal issues in industrial relation. Legal issues in wage area would include unfairness for labour concerning direction and wage policy in all over the world and also in Bangladesh. By accommodating shariah wage principle, it may give solution for lack of principles in wage in Bangladesh, in which most of its labourers are Muslim. In addition, shariah wage principle had several advantage which lies in fairness, appropriateness, punctuality, responsible, and humanity aspect which is framed in moral framework. This moral aspect concerning shariah wage, if being traced back, could be used as main philosophy of labor law in the world and also labor law in Bangladesh. This article examines the wages principles of Islam and tries to depict a clear picture of the legal essence of Islamic Principles of wages. This study is carried out to find out legal regulation, legal principle and legal doctrine to answer legal issues that is to find out shariah wage principle in industrial relation in Bangladesh.



Wage Principles, Islamic Law, Shariah Wage


Vol. 5, No. 1, June 2017