Iot Based Air Quality And Weather Monitoring System With Android Application

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Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering


Air pollution is one of the worst environmental issues and has many detrimental effects on human health, the atmosphere and the climate. Air pollution Vehicles are the primary source of air pollution in all major urban areas, and manufacturing remains the second major source. The heavy use of cars has contributed to an important rise in atmospheric toxins. This leads to contamination of the atmosphere that affects human health. Some respiratory conditions such as asthma and skin rashes have also occurred. The air contaminants are invisible, resulting in people's negligence. Public appreciation is thus today's prime prerequisite. The advances in the Internet of Thing (IoT) sector have allowed the amount of harmful substances in air particles to be tracked and air quality can also be regulated. The goal is to build a device that can detect the amount of toxic particles in air with the sensor MQ135. A dedicated server is available to monitor air quality on the internet. An alarm is activated when harmful particles in the air such as CO (Carbon Monoxide). Air quality in PPM is shown on the web server if the toxicity in the air goes above the threshold value and the cleaning system is automatically turned on and the air is detoxified. The system can be deployed anywhere and some external devices can be enabled when pollution crosses the safe zone, for example by sending a notification to all the people there via an android application. Our work aims to provide indoor air quality monitoring and measurement with a low-cost budget method in real-time. Our project work is essential for all general users, who can easily reach the level of indoor air quality and can fully track indoor air quality.


presented by Dipesh Das, bearing Matric ID. ET151024, Ata Ullah, bearing Matric ID. ET151043 session of Spring 2020