Smart Dining Management System With Biometric Authentication

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Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering


In this era of technology, people are more involved in technology. The management of the hall dining system also needs to be modified with the advancement of technology. We have a project planned that will enable the hall dining system to be smart. Almost every hall dining system was followed by the traditional paper-based system. The main downside of this system is that papers can easily be lost or damaged. Also money and time are lost. We have developed a fingerprint authentication system that will make it possible to be smart with the hall dining system. By design, once the device is switched on the system sets the time and date to be displayed. This fingerprint scheme allows the corresponding ID to be registered with the fingerprint and also provides the facility to match and delete the ID or fingerprint. To order the press button to register, match, delete and also enter an ID number, we used the keypad. When the fingerprint template is matched, the Servo motor allows the gate to be opened for the meal, and an SD card is used using the “Real Time Clock Module” to store the data with the corresponding time and date. A 16x2 Liquid Crystal Display is used to represent the user's behavior. Thus, our project will replace this manual method and make food distribution a more convenient and faster route. It will also help to decrease the fraudulency in the food distribution. All of this is done without investing a lot of money.


submitted by Sibdat Bin Ali, bearing Matric ID: ET 161015 and Mohammad Abdul Wazed, bearing Matric ID: ET 161034 of session Autumn 2019