Implementation Of Solar-Powered E-Vehicle

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Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering


Solar-powered vehicle (SPV) is one of the representatives of the future automobile industry. Since global warming is an alarming sign for the upcoming days, we need to minimize the usage of fossil fuels. SPV allows us to decrease pollution. In this project, we have designed and implemented a solar-powered car. Generally, these cars are not a common sight in Bangladesh and are in the experimental phase. But still, these can be a potential alternative for eco-conscious buyers. Solar power vehicle is powered by electricity through solar energy. Adjustable solar panels are added to the roof and body of the car. The solar charge controller is applied that works like the command centre of the Photovoltaic (PV) system and regulates the charge as well as the discharge of the battery storage. However, it also controls the power output of the solar cell module and storage according to the input demand of the load. Our used lead-acid battery vehicle can be charged from solar along with an AC source through a charger. The motor runs using the power of the lead-acid battery. Lastly, we finalized our project by extending our vision on near future expectancy in this field.


submitted by Mehataj Kalam, bearing Matric ID. ET 153072, Abdun Noor Pavel, bearing Matric ID. ET 153061, Abu Zahed, bearing Matric ID. ET153065 of session Spring 2021