Fuzzy Logic - Based Maximum Power Point Tracking Of Photovoltaic System

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Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering


In this modern era, the use of Solar energy is increasing day by day. Keeping in mind the needs of the future demand of Solar energy, it is very essential for us to get maximum power tracking point in order to utilize Solar energy properly. So, in this thesis work, we proposed a Fuzzy Logic Controller system to track maximum power point. This system is used to get the Maximum Point of a PV array. It is the most suitable way for the human decision making mechanism, providing the operation and showing every step on the basis of Boolean logic system. This technique contact about on the artificial intelligence with the help of membership function which is inspired on the basis of human perception. We knew that there are some techniques to find the maximum power point, but our proposed system has better effectiveness among these techniques. In this work, we compared with classical PI, PD, PID, FPID controllers and also compared performance analysis with P&O and INC method of maximum power point technique. In our study, a Boost converter is used with fuzzy sets method. In our proposed system, we also showed how to design a fuzzy system combining with boost converter and find maximum power of a PV array on fixed temperature and fixed irradiance. At finally we get a result, that the fuzzy controller has an excellent performance to track solar MPPT over P&O, INC method and others controllers.


submitted by Md. Shakhawat Hossain bearing Matric ID. ET171054 and Mahmudul Kabir bearing Matric ID. ET171061 of session Autumn 2020