Bachelor Of Science In Electronic And Telecommunication Engineering

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Department of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering


With the evaluation of technology, medical science is no longer static. We have seen many important electronic devices that help a lot in the patient health observation and operation monitoring system. Patients are in danger of dying unexpectedly owing to a specific cause of heart difficulties and attacks, which is caused by a lack of proper medical care provided to patients at the appropriate time. An ICU patient needs proper observation. Mostly they are being observed on basis of ECG, Blood pressure, body temperature, oxygen saturation, and diabetes sugar level. Only ICU patients get access to such amenities. But we are going to develop a system in which a patient outside of an ICU or from home can also be under these observations remotely with the help of IoT. The data gathered from the patients will be automatically stored on a server, which can subsequently be accessed via the app. Even if the doctor is a significant distance away, an IoT health monitoring system can help with disease prevention and precise diagnosis of one's present state of health