Design And Implementation Of Long Range Spy Robot

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Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering


With the sophisticated technological advancement nowadays robotics has become a hot field for research. Robots are now used by military forces for reducing risk of their causalities and to defeat their enemies. The major focus of this project is the use of robot in war, peace and as well as their impact on society. Here DTMF signals are used for robot control system. Night vision monitoring system has been added which will capture and transmit the information surrounding the robot to the operator. With this feature the robot can not only transmit real time videos with night vision capabilities but cannot also be identified by the enemies in war zone. A metal detector and GSM module has also been added which will inform us about any bomb underneath the robot vehicle and the location of the robot. The existing sensors in the robot are able to monitor the weather of the robots location. In this paper, Mobile operated Long range spy Robot is a small robot designed for long range surveillance and inspection purpose.


submitted by Mohammad Rafiqul Hasan, bearing Matric ID. ET133041 and Md. Rabiul Hasan, bearing Matric ID. ET133050 of session Spring 2018