Design And Implementation Of An Iot-Based Solar Power Monitoring And Data Logger System

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Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering


When it comes to PV solar energy systems, having reliable data recorders and monitor ing systems is a must. In order to detect problems early on, it is necessary to utilize a data logger and monitoring system to assure proper operation. Efforts have been made to build low-cost data logging and monitoring systems for small solar household systems in rural parts of developing countries. A solar power monitoring and data logging system based on the Internet of Things (IoT) has been developed. Sensor data is stored in EEP ROM memory. In contrast, data is being continuously uploaded to the Thingspeak cloud server for analysis. It is possible to obtain the server’s data directly for the purpose of analysis and verification. The prototype data recorder uses only four sensors to measure temperature, humidity, voltage and current. The LCD panel provide the parameter values in real time, allowing technicians to see any issues with battery charging in real time.


submitted by Musrin Sultana Shompa, bear ing Matric ID. ET-173208 and Alina Hoque, bearing Matric ID. ET-171206 of session Autumn 2022