Design And Implementation Of A Data Based Fuel Management System

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Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering


Day by day the number of vehicles and machines are increasing in the modern world. In the present day's scenario, the demand for fuel is increasing because vehicles and machines are depending on fuel. The long line in front of fuel stations, especially in front of gas pumps is a common scenario in daily life that wastes valuable time. In Bangladesh, the fuel stations are operated manually which causes the delay. The main aim of the project is to design a system which is capable of automatically deducting the amount of petrol dispensed from a user card based on RFID technology. Liquid dispensing systems are quite commonly found in our daily life in different places like offices, bus stands, railway stations, fuel pumps. This report presents a modern new era fuel dispensing system which is meant to be operated with prepaid cards using RFID technology. The project mainly aims in designing a prepaid card for fuel bunk system and also fuel dispensing system using RFID technology. In current days the fuel stations are operated manually. These fuel pumps are time consuming and require more man power. To place fuel stations in distant areas is very costly to provide excellent facilities to the consumers. All these problems are sorted out by the use of an unmanned power pump which requires less time to operate and it is effective and can be installed anywhere. We have also developed an automated fuel management system that can maintain the account of the fuel stations. The results of this experiment show a receipt automatically after every transaction via an excel sheet. This management system also helps the fuel stations to become faster and can reduce corruption in transactions of fuel stations


Submitted by Abdullah Al Masum bearing Matric ID- ET 163022, Md Shahidul Islam bearing Matric ID - ET 141012R of session Spring 2021