Adopting Factors of Electronic Human Resource Management: Evidence from Bangladesh


The incorporation of information technology (IT) instincts the legacy of human resource management (HRM) towards agile HRM. To achieve agility, this paper explores the factors or determinants inducing the organisation decisions to adopt electronic human resource management (eHRM) in organisations of Bangladesh through structural equation modeling (SEM) of data science. To realize the influencing determinants, a research model was developed based on technology-organisation-environment (TOE) model. A total number of 320 respondents were participated from 48 organisations in Bangladesh using simple random sampling. The SEM results indicate that perceived compatibility, perceived cost, top management support, organisational culture, centralisation, IT vendor support, and government support have significant influence on management decision of e-HRM adoption. The applied implication of the findings and the scope of future studies are deliberated at the end of this paper.



electronic human resource management (eHRM), Technology-Organisation-Environment (TOE), human resource information system (HRIS), influencing determinant