Design and Implementation of An Intruder Radio and Video Alert System

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Engineering is not only a theoretical study but it is a implementation of all we study for creating something new and making things more easy and useful through practical study. It is an art which can be gained with systematic study, observation and practice. For that sole purpose I choose to do my project on something new and innovative. In my project I tried to introduce a new trend to the home security system. I named it as “Design and Implementation of an Intruder Radio and video Alert System”. In it I choose a voice recording a play back IC which can record an emergency voice message and plays it when security of the house is disturbed in any way. Along with that I thought it beneficial if the message can be transmitted so that it can be heard in radio. Furthermore I choose a microcontroller for automatic operation of the voice IC on the basis of various sensing system. It’s a very good security system which will provide more security for our home.



Intruder, Radio, Video, Alert, Massage, FM