Privatization policy, entrepreneurship, and economic development: the dynamics in Bangladesh economy

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Journal of Global Entrepreneurship Research


Bangladesh has been experiencing dual economic trends with and without the inclusive institution since its independence in 1971. The era of nationalization with limited property rights and a liberal economy with an inclusive institution have evolved the economic path of Bangladesh. The study aims to explore if the privatization matters for economic development through entrepreneurship and to find the outcomes of these two-policy shocks producing. The current study presented both trend analysis and econometric modeling using annual time series data from 1960 to 2017. Findings show that private property rights instigate private entrepreneurial activity more through higher GDP per capita, more capital formation, and imports of capital goods. Eventually, privatization contributes to the economic development of Bangladesh. The result of the study is new from the perspective of Bangladesh compared to the existing bulk of knowledge related to economic impacts of privatization, and thus the findings of the study are subject to offer impactful benefits to policymakers.



Bangladesh, Economic development, Entrepreneurship, Liberalization