Design and Implementation of an IOT Based Greenhouse Monitoring and Controlling System with Renewable Energy system

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Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering


Internet of Things (IOT) based greenhouse monitoring and controlling system has been developed with renewable energy system. This project is designed and implemented to provide required environment inside a greenhouse for small plants like Tomatoes and Strawberries. Microcontroller is used for programming purposes. IOT is implemented to monitor and control temperature, humidity and soil moisture required for Tomatoes and Strawberries remotely by website. The storage system has been arranged to be charged through a renewable energy system and found the system well. The renewable energy system will produce power that is free from pollution and will provide a clean nature for growing Tomatoes and Strawberries. The system can build an atmosphere all year round to collect unseasonal crops like tomatoes & strawberries and the system can be regulated from anywhere in the world by IOT. This greenhouse system will be managed and monitored to provide a helping hand for those regions where crops such as strawberries and tomatoes are not easily grown. The renewable energy sources will be easily implemented and independent of the national electricity grid and traditional gas heating systems


submitted by Mohammad Minhaj Uddin Murad, bearing Matric ID: ET 161025 and Mohammad Abdul Mazid, bearing Matric ID: ET 161029 of session Autumn 2019