Smart Robotic Dustbin With Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

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Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering


The rate of urbanization has accelerated dramatically in recent decades. There is a rise in garbage generation at the same time. Waste management has been an important factor to address. This plan is a means of achieving this noble goal. The smart trashcan in this project is based on the Arduino Uno microcontroller platform, which is connected to a servo motor and an ultrasonic sensor. An ultrasonic sensor is installed on the top of the dustbin to measure the dustbin's height. The threshold height is set at a specific height. The Arduino will be configured such that when someone walks up to the trashcan, the servo motor will activate and open the lid, allowing the person to dispose of the waste. Rubbish can be managed properly to avoid excessive lumping of waste by the roadside once these smart bins are introduced on a big scale, replacing our typical bins today. The foul odor from these decaying wastes that have gone untreated for a long time due to authorities' neglect and the public's irresponsibility may cause long-term damage. Insects and mosquitoes can breed, causing a nuisance and promoting a disease an unclean environment. This may even cause dreadful diseases. This system has an android mobile app with Bluetooth-enabled features. This android application-controlled bot through the lines drawn on the floor. There will be no contact between the dustbin and the person(user). An automatic hand sanitizer dispenser and Garbage fill alerting system are also incorporated.


submitted by Muhammad Nurul Amin, bearing Matric ID. ET151067R and Md. Tokibul Faiz, bearing Matric ID. ET153069R of session Spring 2021