Design And Implementation Of A Smart Gadget For Biker’s Safety

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Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering


The major reasons behind the death of two-wheeler drivers are over-speeding, drunken driving and careless driving. A significant number of lives could have been saved if emergency medical service could get accident information and reach in time to the scene. To overcome these present challenges, a gadget is developed that gives the best solution. The objective of our project is to design an intelligent helmet that is capable of detecting alcohol consumption as the part of safety precautions, providing post accidental aid and to ensure safety guard against any sort of bike theft. In this gadget we have provided safety precautions with the help of MQ-3, Tilt and Limit Sensor. By tracking biker’s location with the help of GPS-GSM module we have ensured fast post accidental aid if an accident occurs. The main purpose of this smart gadget is to provide safety for the rider. In addition with that our gadget offers features like alcohol detection, accident identification, location tracking, an automated notification and fall detection sensor. Its compulsory to wear helmet, without helmet ignition switch cannot be ON. If the rider is drunk or does not wear helmet, then automatically ignition switch will be locked. While in riding mode, if rider faces any accident, then a message will be sent automatically to nearest selected contacts or emergency services with current live location. It also provides a feature to continuously monitor the vehicle at any situation while in idle position.


submitted by Md. Akther-uz-zaman, bearing Matric ID. ET171028 and Khademul Mowla, bearing Matric ID. ET171031 and Towasin Towaha, bearing Matric ID. ET171036 of session Autumn 2020