A Proposed Microgrid Model For 37no Halishahar Ward Of Chattogram City Corporation, Bangladesh

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Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering


Electricity has helped us by reducing physical efforts to a very large extent, but, the way in which it is produced is quite a matter of concern. Even today, most of the electricity that we use producing through using conventional methods. These conventional methods commonly use mainly fossil fuels to produce electricity. Not only are these methods expensive, but also cause huge collusion to the environment. The use of fuels for the generation of electricity results in increased costs and emissions of hazardous pollutants. The only alternative is a new method that is not only cheap and efficient but also eco-friendly. This paper focuses on the proposed hybrid (photovoltaic array, wind turbine, battery storage) microgrid model for 37no Halishahar ward of Chittagong City Corporation, Bangladesh. The photovoltaic array and wind energy systems are used to as primary energy systems and the battery is used as a backup energy system. The battery storage system is used to store extra power from the photovoltaic system and to supply continuous power to load when the PV power is not present. A Fuzzy Logic Controller based photovoltaic Maximum Power Point Tracking controller technique is used . MATLAB/Simulink software is used to model, simulate, and analyze the entire hybrid system.


submitted by MD Minhaj Hossain , bearing Matric ID. ET-173011 and Minhazul Haque Chowdhury Tamim, bearing Matric ID. ET 173038 of session Autumn 2017