Design and Implementation of a Wireless Multi-meter

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A wireless multi meter is an instrument used to measure the current, voltage, frequency and power at a load from a distance. In this project a wireless multi meter was designed which consisted of two major parts: 1) Measuring Section Module and 2) Remote Display Module. Measuring Section Module consisted of three major section which are i) signal input, ii) Micro controller, iii) RF transmitter whereas the remote display module also consisted of three parts i) RF Receiver, ii) Microcontroller and iii) LCD Display Module. At first the signal under measurement, was converted to a 6 volt signal through a transformer and was fed to the microcontroller (ATmega8A) input. After all relevant calculations the dc voltage produced by the micro controller was sent through an RF Frequency transmitter module (BX-R433A) having an omnidirectional antenna. The RF receiver module (KSTRX806E), situated at a maximum distance of 150 meters from the transmitter, received the transmitted data and the microcontroller next to it was used to decode the signal intercepted by the receiving antenna. The result of the calculations is then displayed through a 16-bit LCD display module (TM162A). This multi meter was found to measure the values of the voltage, current, power and frequency ranging from (0-250) V, (0-20) A, (0-5000) VA and (0-125) KHz respectively. The main attraction of our designed circuit was the simplicity of the circuit, easiness of implementation and the availability of components required in our country.