Design And Implementation Of A Multiple Input And Multiple Output (Mimo) Boost Converter

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Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering


The voltage from the input supply to the output load is increased by the boost converter. A DC to DC and DC to AC power converter is what it is. To enhance efficiency and reduce losses, the switch mode power supply (SMPS) must be quickly turned on and off. For SMPS, including boost converters, the introduction of commercial solid-state switches in the 1950s marked a crucial turning point. The boost converter may continue to output the required current at that low input voltage due to its capacity to endure a small switching current. A boost converter's output voltage is always higher than its input voltage. In a boost power stage realistic, an inductor is depicted closed with current flowing through it in a clockwise direction to store some energy. Both power MOSFETs and bipolar power transistors are used in power switching; the decision to use one over the other is decided based on variables like current, voltage, switching speed, and cost. The boost converter circuit can produce a lot of voltage, thus we want to utilize a capacitor with a high voltage rating. The capacitance of the capacitor should be high as well. Since the inductor is discharging a sizable quantity of current, we need the capacitor's capacity to maintain this charge. The main DC/DC converters were created in the early 1960s, when solid-state switches were readily accessible. As a result of the aircraft industry's requirement for small, light-weight power converters, technology has moved swiftly in this area. Our complete system is controlled by a microcontroller chip and LC circuits. With this project, the designer will have a technique to raise the DC voltage from 05V and 12V DC to 06V-36V DC. This project involves the design, control, and modeling of a unique Multi Input-Multi-Output Boost Converter architecture. The main advantages of the system are voltage stepping up with the least number of components possible, low operational duty cycle, and great efficiency across a wide range of input and output voltages. This discovery has a wide range of alternate applications, including power supply for LEDs and battery packs for electric vehicles.


Submitted By Md. Jahid Hasan Bearing Matric ID. ET 161010 And Md. Abul Hasnain Chy Bearing Matric ID. ET-161008 Of Session Spring 2