A New Inverted-L-Shaped Emr Obeying Meta Atom For C-Band Applicat

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Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering


This paper reveals a new multi-band meta-atom structure of metamaterial designed on FR4 substrate material that presents the required effective medium ratio (EMR). It shows transmission resonances at C-and Ku-band due to wideband negative permittivity and permeability respectively. Two inverted L-shaped metal links were placed face to face to form a square-shaped design. On the outside edge of the inverted L-shaped structure, a square split ring resonator was etched on FR4 dielectric substrate material. The unit cell was 10×10 mm2 in size. It also displays a negative peak of refractive index at C-band. The characteristics of the material were obtained using a simulation tool based on the finite integration technique (FIT). Analyses and comparisons were carried out on two different substrates. The suggested meta-atoms findings show multi-band response in the frequency range of 1 to 20 GHz. The proposed meta-atom exhibits better EMR when Rogers RT 6010 substrate material was used instead of FR4 which ensures better metamaterial operation. Using Rogers RT 6010 substrate, the effective medium ratio is obtained 6.672, indicating that the suggested inverted L-shaped design is efficient and compact. The proposed meta-atoms applicability for practical C-band microwave applications is shown by its small size, effective parameters, and effective medium ratio. Therefore, the meta-atom will be an efficient design for multi-band microwave operation.


submitted by Jubaida Nahar Tuli, bearing Matric ID. ET171221 and Brishty Shil, bearing Matric ID. ET171222 of session Spring 2017