Power System Stability Improvement By Designing The Optimal Pss Using Multi-Verse Optimization Technique

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Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering


The power system is a highly nonlinear structure with complicated characteristics. Because power networks are electrically intertwined, and they are susceptible due to disruptions in any one part of the system. In fact, low frequency oscillations (LFOs) caused by minor perturbations in any portion of the network might bring the entire system down. With the appropriate parameter settings, the power system stabilizer (PSS) may effectively reduce these oscillations. After linearizing the system, power system stabilizer (PSS) extensively utilized to mitigate these problems. This research presents an efficient approach for the optimal tuning of power system stabilizer parameters (PSS) using a Multi-Verse Optimization (MVO) algorithm with the eigenvalue-based objective function. This research work proposes a completely unique nature algorithm to tune the PI, PID, and Lead-lag based controller using Multi-Verse Optimizer (MVO) for single machine infinite bus (SMIB) to control the LFOs by improving power system damping. The proposed approach is implemented and examined in a system with a single machine connected to an infinite bus via a transmission line. The results of this technique have been verified by eigenvalue analysis and time-domain simulations. The obtained results were evaluated and compared with traditional PSS. Eigenvalue analysis and nonlinear system simulations demonstrated the effectiveness of the proposed approach in damping the electromechanical oscillations and enhancing the system dynamic stability.


submitted by Abdul Majid Hasan, bearing Matric ID. ET 171072 and Md. Burhan Uddin, bearing Matric ID. ET171077 of session Spring 2017