Development And Implementation Of A Hybrid Model For Reducing Electrical Power Consumption And Cost

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Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering


Renewable energy is the most valuable term in the modern world. Every year so much fuel is wasted in power generation. Energy resources are reducing massively. The most important fact is that we are fully dependent on fuels. Between 1971 and 2019 world total energy supply (TES) increased 2.6 times (from 230 EJ to 606 EJ) and its structure changed markedly. Oil fell from 44% to 31% of TES between 1971 and 2010; its share has held steady since then and it remains the most important fuel in 2019. The aim of our project is the development of a hybrid model that utilizes renewable energy for residential usage that synchronizes and switches with the supply grid depending on load demand. Our model is designed to work like a hybrid system where solar energy will be used during the daytime and the stored battery-powered energy will be used during the blackout. The method that is involved in our project is the effective coordination of converters for synchronization and switching of the connected energy sources. The addition of a storage element ensures uninterrupted power supply to meet the load demand in times of blackout or solar energy unavailability. We are promising such a solution that will help us to reach the desired destination of reducing utility electrical power consumption and cost. The proposed system will be proved beneficial to the nation’s current grid infrastructure as the generation and consumption of energy is seemingly out of balance and it gives rise to the problem of cost of electricity. The developed model will be a feasible solution to the problems at hand.


submitted by Md. Shazzad Hasan (Metric ID. ET151003), Md. Abdullah Al Masum (Metric ID. ET151004) and Mohd. Ehsanul Haque (Metric ID. ET143052R)