Islamic NGOs in Bangladesh: Management and Functions

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Proceedings of International Conference on DaÑwah and Islamic Management: Practices and Prospects IC-DAIM 2010


Islamic Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) in Bangladesh play a vital role in alleviating poverty and nation-building in a globalized era. NGOs play a vital role in a developing country like Bangladesh. The 2 number of NGOs in Bangladesh is in excess of 20,000 in the midst of the year 2009 registered with five different government institutions. Among these, only 34 Islamic NGOs are actively taking part few numbers of Islamic NGOs is found in Bangladesh. These Islamic non government organizations have been playing an important role in socioeconomic, cultural and political development in the country. This article briefly introduces the current position of Islamic NGOs in achieving their target compare to other organizations based on their contribution. In line with this statement, the paper attempts to explore the management systems of Islamic NGOs and their functions in terms of development of the country. The focus of this article will be highlighted on the chronological development of Islamic NGOs, purposes, structures and management, functions, Islamic principles and values, obstacles and barriers Islamic NGOs in Bangladesh, current position, management and functions of NGOs and finally some suggestions will be given for the good management of Islamic NGOs in Bangladesh.


Faculty of Leadership and Management, Islamic Science University Malaysia (USIM)


Islam, NGOs, management, functions and contribution