Volume 17, December 2020

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    A cross-sectional analysis of the influence of corporate governance features on the organizational outcomes: An assessment
    ((CRP), International Islamic University Chittagong, Bangladesh), 2020-12-31) Tawfeeq, Tariq; Alabdullah, Yousif; Ahmed, Essia Ries
    This work aimed at testing the influence of corporate governance features on the organizational outcomes in one of the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) which is Qatar. The data was used for the organizations that belong to non-financial sector. The findings revealed that the size of audit commission, the board of directors size, and independency have positive influence on organizational outcomes represented by return on assets. In addition, the same positive influence could be found between the size of the audit commission and independency with return of equity as a second measurement of the organizational outcomes. Moreover, meeting of the board has a significant negative influence on organizational outcomes. The present work is considered as the first study that tests its predictor variables in its relationship with organizational outcomes. The considerable contribution of this study lies in identifying the previous studies gap for the GCC countries and analyses several viable studies that might probably be useful for improving corporate governance system in the non-financial sector.
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    Real time secure messaging service for internet of things applications using MQTT
    ((CRP), International Islamic University Chittagong, Bangladesh), 2020-12-31) Hoque, Jiabul; Ahmed, Razu; Rahman, Akibur; Uddin, Shihab
    Most of the IoT applications require real time and secure exchange of information among connected devices and hence, currently, security of communication protocols is becoming key topic of research. MQTT, a lightweight communication protocol, is used for real time communication between networks. Authors have reviewed numerous published researches on secure MQTT protocol for IoT networks and have discovered security loop holes of MQTT communication protocol that are needed to be addressed. This article proposes a secure and real time MQTT protocol by incorporating SSL certificate to MQTT broker for IoT applications without data loss. The research has been implemented in Raspberry Pi 3B system using Python 3.4.10 development platform along with Numpy 1.11.1 and scipy 0.18.0 (for mathematical analysis), paho-mqtt 1.5.0 (for MQTT publication/subscription), and Chromium (for displaying research outcome). The outcome of this research shows that the proposed MQTT protocol has tighten security during exchanging information over IoT networks without any loss of data
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    Lack of liberal education at tertiary level: A study on Newman’s The Idea of a University and Hirani’s 3 Idiots
    ((CRP), International Islamic University Chittagong, Bangladesh), 2020-12-31) Alam, Morshedul; Akter, Golshan Ara; Afrin, Nahida
    This paper deals with the process of university education system, how students will enrich the knowledge and skills, develop the power of reasoning and judgments and promote the creativity. It also advocates a holistic approach in liberal education system that preserves a harmonious relationship among the real cultivation of mind, intellectual excellence and freedom of thought. Newman’s The Idea of a University and Hirani’s3 Idiots have been studied in line with liberal education of university which gives the enlargement of knowledge that pertains to the universal appeal of education system. In this study, some barriers, such as, market value, guardian’s choice and mental depression are addressed as the potential threats for liberal education. Therefore, this research is an attempt to make a comparative study of Newman’s The Idea of a University and Hirani’s3 Idiots as illustrating the liberal education of university and generating an image of liberal education in present society.
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    Determining the historical significance of the farewell sermon of the Prophet (PBUH) in context of demand of the time
    ((CRP), International Islamic University Chittagong, Bangladesh), 2020-12-31) Ullah, Cholem
    In the 10th Hijrah, the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) performed Hajj (pilgrimage) only once in his life and delivered his historic 'Farewell Sermon' for the liberation and welfare of the world humanity. This paper explores the importance and significance of the sermon in the context of its historical demand and its place in the world civilisation. The article also attempts to review historically on speaker, time and application of the speech to determine its place in perspective of world history and Islamic history as well. The methodology of the paper followed a qualitative approach comprised of the secondary source. It is argued that the sermon is the only historic speech in the world that incomparable provisions on liberation and welfare of humanity till the Final Day. The ultimate implication of the magnificent sermon is sustained ensuring its time was momentous and eventful; the more appropriate time cannot be estimated. Thus, according to historical analysis, the farewell sermon of the Final Apostle (PBUH) is the demand of time intimately and significantly that relevant to today’s life and society.
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    Challenges and effectiveness of eclectic method at higher secondary level in rural Bangladesh
    ((CRP), International Islamic University Chittagong, Bangladesh), 2020-12-31) Alam, Morshedul. Sultana, Tanzin
    This article addresses the challenges and effectiveness of implementing Eclectic Method in Language Teaching at higher secondary level in the rural context of Bangladesh. This paper adopts a qualitative approach, and six rural colleges are selected to conduct the research. These institutions are located in Chittagong District, Bangladesh. Ten English teachers were interviewed face-to-face to collect data about the challenges they have faced and the effectiveness they observed in applying Eclectic Approach in their colleges. The findings show the applicability of Eclectic Approach in several ways that include flexibility in teaching, variety in adapting language teaching aspects, allowing new ideas, dynamic classroom facilities, enhancing teachers’ and students’ respect for cross-culture and multi-lingual classroom. The findings indicate some hurdles in teaching English that include lack of trained teachers, improper text books, teachers’ insufficient knowledge, rigid mentality of the rural teachers, insufficient infrastructural facilities, and taking pride in mother-language etc. This research may help the policy makers of language and curriculum design in developing effective strategies for Eclectic practices in rural Bangladesh.