Volume 19, Issue-1, December 2022

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    Mathematical analysis of a metamaterial structure for Electromagnetic (EM) absorption reduction
    (International Islamic University Chittagong, 2022-07) Ahsan, Tanveer
    The rapid development of communication system such as the second generation (2G) and third-generation (3G) mobile communications, global position system (GPS), WiFi, WiMAX, wireless Bluetooth and Ultra-Wideband (UWB) systems have driven the wireless technology to a revolutionary communications. Besides, high data rate communication system has led to great demand in higher frequency next generation communication system. The wireless devices emit electromagnetic (EM) radiation during active mode of operation which is absorbed by human body. The main challenge of the next generation communication system is to ensure safe use of wireless devices such as mobile phone. Therefore, EM radiation should be controlled towards human body. In this research, a metamaterial structure is developed and the performance of the structure is analyzed. The structure consists of a modified omega-shaped split resonator which can manipulate the behaviour of the EM wave. The mathematical analysis of the proposed antenna shows 63.29% point EM radiation reduction.
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    Teachers’ perceptions of Bangladeshi EFL tertiary learners’ writing challenges
    (International Islamic University Chittagong, 2022-07) Karim, Shah Mohammad Sanaul
    Writing is one of the most challenging skills for the Bangladeshi EFL tertiary learners. The learners, teachers and educators refer to the difficulty of the learners in writing different types of compositions. Among the types of compositions, paragraphs facilitate a learner to opt for bigger compositions as well as for discreet sentences. This study reports the findings about the paragraph writing problems of the Bangladeshi EFL tertiary level learners. Data were collected through questionnaire and semi-structured interviews. The questionnaires were distributed to 6 teachers of English Language and Literature at International Islamic University Chittagong, Bangladesh and semi structured interviews were conducted with two teachers teaching paragraph writing to the students. Findings from the questionnaires have revealed that the revising stage is very difficult for the learners followed by writing and planning stages. Findings from the semi-structured interviews with the teachers have corroborated the findings of the questionnaire. The findings draw attention to the different types of problems in the writings of paragraphs by the Bangladeshi EFL tertiary learners and provide implications.
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    Development of national health data warehouse framework for Bangladesh
    (International Islamic University Chittagong, 2022-07) Khan, Shahidul Islam
    Data Warehouse (DW) integrates data from two or more sources into a repository for reporting, analysis, and knowledge discovery. This technology can be used in healthcare to develop National Health Data Warehouse (NHDW) that combines patient information from clinics, hospitals, laboratories, diagnostic centers, etc. In this research, we propose a framework for NHDW based on studying different global frameworks and conducting surveys among the potential stakeholders of the framework. Here, patient data will be collected in two phases: physical data collection and data collection over the internet. We did surveys on different healthcare organizations among patients, medical staff, and doctors. The survey questionnaire was divided into four sections: personal information, information privacy and security, performance, and usability to know the requirement of the stakeholders. As healthcare data is very sensitive and can be misused, providing privacy for these patients' information is properly addressed in this framework. The NHDW framework may significantly improve our healthcare services in Bangladesh.
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    A woman empowered with the power of love: A study of Alu in ¬e Swamp Dwellers by Wole Soyinka
    (International Islamic University Chittagong, 2022-12) Uddin, Md. Abu Saleh Nizam
    The Swamp Dwellers by Wole Soyinka (born, 1934) is mostly discussed for the emphasis it puts on the strong family ties felt by all the characters, presence of the elements of the absurd drama, corruption by the priests and human-nature relationship. But the powerful character Alu is also an area to concentrate on. She is a powerful woman with the power of love. This virtue of love she receives from her instinct, and her African tradition turns her into a powerful woman. Thus empowered, she plays her role in family, society, religion and nature. In the modern world where utmost cruelty looms large everywhere, love-empowered Alu is an example for positive change. Thus, this paper aims at exploring how Alu in The Swamp Dwellers is an empowered woman with love, who simultaneously receives her rights and does her duties in family and society, and nurtures deep feeling for religion and nature, and becomes an example to inspire humanity in a world of human catastrophes.
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    A review of β-caryophyllene oxide for its pharmacological properties supported by in silico findings
    (International Islamic University Chittagong, 2022-12) Kamal, A.T.M. Mostafa
    Bicyclic sesquiterpene, β-caryophyllene oxide (BCO) is one of the major components of essential oil derived from aromatic plants. It is reported to possess several interesting pharmacological prospects. BCO’s ability to suppress a few signaling cascades and down regulating various gene products responsible for cancer development against several cancer cell lines was seen along with some analgesic properties. Besides, its interaction with enzymes responsible for metabolism of the drugs performed in-vitro and in-vivo was found to show diminishing and enhancing effects on the enzymes. All the possible relevant published articles on BCO were collected using some popular search engines such as Google Scholar, Pubmed, ScienceDirect etc. The molecular docking was carried out with the help of Schrodinger Suites-Maestro 2017-1. In addition, the in-silico findings also provided strong evidence in favor of BCO with the ability to be a prospective therapeutic agent. However, from all the information gathered on this compound and clinical trials, this compound may yield beneficial results novel drug discovery.
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    Dynamical analysis of ant colony's collective decision making to explore food from two different resources
    (International Islamic University Chittagong, 2022-12) Iqbal, Sayed Allamah
    A social insect-like Ant lives in a colony. Their collective behavior of food recruitment is a universal character. The mathematical model of the food recruitment of the ant colonies meets different challenges in resolving the nonlinearity due to choosing various food exploration contests between the ants and different environmental parameters. This study possesses several leading parameters to overcome the complexity of the model. Besides, the ants are exploring food sources in diverse trails with the intensity of a chemical substance of pheromone concentration also develops nonlinearity. For generality, this study evaluates two food sources of the ant colony's collective responses concerning environmental conditions without varying the ant's behaviors. The investigation of the ant's food quest in this work concentrates on the dynamical analysis of their food exploration from two different resources described by two ordinary nonlinear differentials equations (ODE). The mean-field model of ODE connected to their dynamical analysis demonstrates that food recruitment varies according to individual variability, supportive communication, and environmental restrictions establishing are connected to the stable or unstable system of the ODE.
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    Quadriplegic patient assistive system for requirement sharing and home appliance control using 3-axis accelerometer with IoT
    (International Islamic University Chittagong, 2022-12) Alam, Md. Eftekhar
    This research article aims to develop a device that can help paraplegic patients who can only move their heads. Previously, head movement techniques were used to control wheelchair movements. The proposed device uses head movements to control appliances (lights, fans, etc.) and indicates the patient's different needs (water, food, etc.). In this system, a 3-axis accelerometer detects the movement of the paralyzed patient's head and sends it to a microcontroller. The microcontroller converts this signal and sends this to the second microcontroller via the Bluetooth module. The converted signal passes through a dot-matrix display that displays an image of each requirement. At the same time, the caretaker will be notified by a buzzer. In addition, the patient can control the appliances without outside help. In testing, the system shows superior accuracy when controlling appliances compared to LCD displays for special requirements. In the test run, the prototype shows the layout of head movement and detection of special needs.
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    Exploring Abul Hasan “ Ali Nadwi’s views on distinctive features of Islamic civilization
    (International Islamic University Chittagong, 2022-12) Mohammad, Soud Bin; Abdul Rahim, Adibah