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    Investigating the nexus between strategic human resource management practices and employee engagement
    (CRP, Center for Research and Publication, 2021-12) Uddin, Mahi
    This study explores the relationships between strategic human resource management practices and employees' work engagement in Bangladesh's ready-made garment (RMG) industry. The study collected data through a self-administered questionnaire survey from 178 employees from 12 RMG firms located in Chittagong employing convenient sampling technique. The partial least squares technique was utilized to examine the validity and reliability of data and to test the proposed hypotheses. The findings reveal that four out of five hypotheses were accepted. Particularly, results demonstrated that recruitment and selection, performance appraisal, employee participation, and compensation directly impacted work engagement. These are essential strategic human resources management (SHRM) practices to foster employee work engagement in the Bangladeshi RMG industry. This study contributes to the SHRM-work engagement literature by providing further evidence about predictors of work engagement in the manufacturing sector in a developing economy. The study also explains the implications for theory and practice and limitations and directions for future studies.
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    Food controls to build workable human resource in Muslim countries for poverty reduction: An Islamic view
    (CRP, Center for Research and Publication, 2021-12) Uddin, Mohammad Nazim
    Food controls, also known as multi-functional physical and economic prevention, are significant for maintaining a healthy mind, body, and energy, as well as reducing consumption and poverty. As a result, the study aims to look at the impact of food controls on both human resource development and poverty reduction. The Holy Qur'an and Hadith, as well as the circumstances of Muslim nations, are utilized to describe food behavior and its influence on the workforce, poverty removal, and knowledge development. First, the investigation finds Mohammad's (PBUH) eating pattern and guiding principles, both of which are supported by the Qur'an in terms of food behavior and management. When it comes to eating behavior, the study finds that failing to learn Islam's guiding principles on food control leads to a plethora of problems such as poverty, sickness, greed, corruption, and waste. Those who waste less food and eat less are highly driven to enhance their health and knowledge generation abilities, both of which are advantageous to poverty reduction. As a result of decreased consumption and waste conservation, excess money and food may be used to help people get out of poverty.
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    Ethics in accounting: A dire necessity for practicing accountants in Bangladesh
    (CRP, Center for Research and Publication, 2021-12) Ahmad, Afzal
    The study aims to critically examine the determinants of accounting ethics by practicing accountants as well as professional accountants working in Bangladesh. In addition, the study identifies the major factors affecting the ethical behavior of accountants. Using a 5-point Likert scale, the study collects primary data from a total sample of 110 respondents consisting both academicians and practitioners. The results revealed that there is a significant variation in the opinions regarding ethics between accounting academicians and practitioners. The majorities of the academicians have a high positive attitude toward professional ethics and perceive the afraid of creator, responsibility, accountability, objectivity, integrity, confidentiality and patience as the important determinants of accounting ethics. On the other hand, the practitioners view accountability, responsibility, transparency brotherhood, truthfulness, mutual trust, objectivity and integrity as the crucial determinants of ethics. However, both groups emphasized an ethical code of conduct, individual factors, moral development, personal value, environmental influence, peer influences, life experiences, and situational factors for accounting ethics. The findings of the study provide valuable insights to academicians, accounting practitioners, and policymakers in improving the code of professional ethics in Bangladesh.
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    SEM Model to analyze the factors affecting university image: A study on International Islamic University Chittagong
    (CRP, Center for Research and Publication, 2021-12) Alam, Mohammad Manjur
    Private higher education institutions (PHEIs) have emerged as more competitive and stimulating day by day due to alternative accessibility and availability. University management ensures a global image to meet their stakeholders and social expectations. This study sets out to identify factors affecting university image by developing a structural equation model. A proposed model of overall university image formation through structural equation modeling, 310 respondents have been collected by using a five-point Likert scale questionnaire. Descriptive statistics, correlation, confirmatory factor analyses, and structural equation modeling were run to evaluate factors affecting overall image in IIUC. Based on the findings, all factors measured in this study have a positive significant effect on the overall university image. This research also explored that non-academic and management image is the most important predictors from the IIUC context. The model explains the overall university image well (61% of the total variation). This study is important for future marketing and better strategic plan to meet the needs of IIUC stakeholders as well as other HEIs in Bangladesh.
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    The role of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in preaching Islam at present context
    (CRP, Center for Research and Publication, 2021-12) Chowdhury, Md. Shahnur Azad
    Agenda-setting and representation are the media's most significant functions. The media, particularly from the West, seems to be constantly in the negative light of Islam. The fanning of Islamophobia, a type of concerted effort aimed at scaring the world of the animosity and enmity imposed by Islam, is a more recent Western media phenomenon against Islam. In response to such a striking negative portrayal of Islam, the Muslim world needs to respond. Contrary to what is commonly considered by the West, Islam means 'submission' and 'obedience' in its real nature, a religion that calls for resignation to Allah and encourages and protects the individual's peace. The primary purpose of this paper is therefore to discuss the use of a spectrum of media to disseminate information and news on the true teachings of Islam to Muslims as well as non-Muslims. The proper propagation and comprehension of Islam can be improved through the media by emphasizing the fundamental principles of Islam's teachings.
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    Development of a semantic search method for retrieving food related verses & concepts from the holy Quran using ontology
    (CRP, Center for Research and Publication, 2021-12) Rahman, Mohammed Mahmudur
    Qur’an is Allah (SWT)’s greatest miracle and is the source of all knowledge and information. As a Muslim, obligation is not only to recite the Qur’an but also it is important to gain knowledge from the Qur’an. Ontology is the best way to retrieve Quranic knowledge in a technical way. With the help of internet many search engines are found to discover information from Qur’an. But most of the search engines or information retrieval systems are keyword-based which can often lead to irrelevant results. To overcome this problem, semantic search is most useful in this case. The aim of research is to develop an ontological semantic based method to retrieve the food related verses and concepts from holy Qur’an by using natural language query. In this work, triplet extraction algorithm has been used for generating triple, the protege OWL editor 4.3 version used to create food ontology and the SPARQL Apache Jena fuseki server was used for querying. Quranic data are collected from English translation of the holy Qur’an.
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    Medical negligence in Bangladesh: A quest for feasible reform
    (CRP, Center for Research and Publication, 2021-12) Uddin, Mohi
    The term "Medical Negligence" is an issue of grave human rights apprehension that directly affects the "right to life and right to health care" which also the concern for all parties involved in medical care facilities. Most State-sponsored have passed Acts and established courts to fortify health care laws. Though there are no precise and inclusive laws to stop "medical negligence" in Bangladesh, various legal mechanisms are still in place under different laws that are not specifically codified. As a result, the possibility of medical-based legal consequences remains out of the orbits of courts, and leads to violence, which invites many complications. However, hospital malpractices cause sufferings and unnecessary deaths for numerous people. There is no denying fact that people suffer and occasionally die due to reckless medical treatment in our country. This article will describe the legal sphere of medical negligence, evaluate the present laws on "medical negligence" in Bangladesh, and emphasize the quest for feasible reform to elevate this unaddressed legal pitch for the benefit of the people.
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    The historic verdict of ITLOS on maritime border delimitation in the region of the Bay of Bengal: A historical analysis
    (CRP, Center for Research and Publication, 2021-12) Hossain, MD. Shayeed; Ullah, MD. Cholem; Absar, A. B. M. Nurul
    In 1982, the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) established the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea (ITLOS) as an independent tribunal to sit in judgment on resolving maritime clash between the states. The ITLOS published on 14 March 2012 its case judgment on the Dispute Maritime Border between Bangladesh and Myanmar in the sea area of the Bay of Bengal. That tribunal was asked to demarcate three maritime borders; the Territorial Sea Border, Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), and Continental Shelf beyond EEZ were the principles of delimitation. The article focuses on analyzing and investigating the main features of the remarkable verdict from the historical perspectives. This paper also attempts to study its significant implication in sharing sea resources from both countries. Regional relations and border security tension can be more exposed in the regional geopolitics due to the judgment. Therefore, Bangladesh will adopt effective roles in the chessboard of south Asian regional politics following significant historical lessons of past and present.
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    Capitalism and collapse of humanity: A study of The Great Gatsby and Seize the Day
    (CRP, Center for Research and Publication, 2021-12) Alam, Md. Morshedul
    Disregard for men by men for money and wealth prompted by capitalism plays a devastating role in modern societies. In The Great Gatsby (1925) and Seize the Day (1956) by F. Scott Fitzgerald and Saul Bellow respectively, the two American novelists portray a modern society of America belonging to 1920’s and 1950’s, which fosters capitalism to bring disaster to human life. More specifically, Tom Buchanan in The Great Gatsby and Dr. Adler in Seize the Day have involved in manifold activities destructive to human relationship stirred up by material success which significantly exposes them as a capitalist. They prove themselves neither to be truly moral nor pro-human so, they possess the negative qualities of the capitalist victimizers of men. This paper attempts to explore how Tom Buchanan and Dr. Adler, representing two different decades of twentieth century capitalistic America, nurture the objective of earning money and wealth, perform anti-human activities and turn capitalist victimizers. For this kind of human nature, ultimately, men collapse and consequently, individuals, family and society go through inhuman sufferings.
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    Nazrul’s Persia in his decolonizing melodies
    (CRP, Center for Research and Publication, 2021-12) Uddin, Md. Abu Saleh Nizam
    Kazi Nazrul Islam of Bangla literature may be best described as a poet of humanity. Besides the anti-colonial and spiritual dimensions of his melodies, there is also a decolonizing tone in his literature. His songs, especially those that recuperate and include rich Persian heritage of Bangla literature, significantly contribute to decolonizing the colonially victimized Bangla literature in British India. Thus, this paper initially attempts to examine how distinctly and strongly Persian language, nature and culture remain as an important heritage for Bangla literature while Nazrul writes songs imbued with the Persian elements. Then, this paper has the prime aim to explore how the poet, in a colonial backdrop, robustly endeavors a comprehensive decolonization of Bangla literature with his Persia-attached songs. Thus, the study examines the poet’s measures of decolonization with efforts to revive successful Bangla literature, have it compete with or even exceed English literature and place Bengali Muslims again in their rightful literary domain.