Design and implementation of a digital calling bell with door lock security system using fingerprint


The term ‘Home Security’ numerously growing as a major concerning issue in today’s life. The challenge of developing a home security device is to make it user friendly which can reduce human effort as well as ensure safety and security of people and their home. In this paper, a security device is proposed which is developed from the concept of conventional calling bell. The device analyzes the fingerprint of a person and matches it with stored fingerprint database to categorize the person as home member or known guest or unknown guest. When it detects a home member the entrance door automatically opens. In case, the person categorize as known guest, the device sounds a tune but don’t open the door automatically rather people inside home can open the entrance door from anywhere of the home. As guest is known people don’t need to walk towards door to open it. And when device detects the person as unknown guest, it generates a tunes which is different from previous one making aware the people inside that an unknown person wish to enter your home.



Fingerprint module, Arduino Uno, microcontroller, wireless control, RF Tx-Rx, UART