Utilizing Li-Fi Transmission for IoT Devices to Strengthen Indoor Security

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Department of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering


With the exponential growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the increasing demand for secure indoor environments, there is a pressing need to develop efficient and reliable security solutions. This thesis proposes the utilization of Light Fidelity (Li-Fi) transmission technology to enhance indoor security for IoT devices.Li-Fi can be used to transmit data between IoT devices without the need for radio frequency (RF) signals, as radio frequency can be vulnerable to interference and security issues. This makes Li-Fi a potentially more secure and efficient means of communication for IoT devices, especially in scenarios where RF signals are not permitted. It leverages the existing lighting infrastructure to provide high-speed data transmission while ensuring enhanced security and reduced interference. By utilizing the unique properties of light, Li-Fi enables secure, reliable, and energy efficient communication in indoor environments. This research investigates the potential of Li-Fi transmission as a security-enhancing mechanism for IoT devices. It explores the challenges associated with securing IoT networks and identifies the limitations of existing security protocols. The experimental evaluation of the proposed security mechanisms involves the design and implementation of a Li-Fi-based transceiver for IoT devices. Through a series of comprehensive experiments and simulations, the performance, reliability, and security aspects of the proposed solution are evaluated and compared against existing approaches. The findings of this thesis contribute to the body of knowledge surrounding IoT security and Li-Fi technology.


Submitted BY Md Shahidur Rahman Shimul T-183003