Switching Signal Reduction of Load Aggregator with Optimal Dispatch of Electric Vehicle Performing V2G Regulation Service


Environmental concerns over the production of greenhouse gas have led to the development of environmental friendly transportation such as electric vehicle (EV). As the number of EVs is increasing day by day, it will have a great impact on grid operation and electricity market. Significant amount of EV charging during peak hour will cause branch congestions and low voltage. Moreover, high penetration of EVs plays an important role in altering electricity price. Thus, optimal scheduling of EVs charging is inevitable from the perspective of both system reliability and market. Load aggregators can combine the capacities of many EVs to participate in wholesale energy market. In this paper, optimal dispatch algorithm of EVs is developed and tested on a system consisting 1000 EVs. The advantage of the algorithm is that it requires less number of communication signals and less expensive infrastructure. EVs are turned on and turned off in binary fashion based on priority to follow the regulation signal.



Dispatch algorithm, Electric vehicle, Greenhouse gas, Load aggregator, Regulation up, Regulation down, Switching signal