Status of Koha-ILS in Medical libraries of Bangladesh

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International Science Community Association in India


The main purpose of this research to present the current status of in conducting library operations. The study adopted a descriptive survey design and the data was collected using questionnaire from 24 Medical and Health institutional libraries in Bangladesh. frequency count and percentage. The study found that only three medical and health libraries are using Koha One medical University, one medical College and one health institutional library are using SLiMS OSS. One medical college library uses customized software. Some libraries to conduct the library services properly. But Most of the medical and health libraries of Bangladesh are not aware about library automation system. This paper draws the attention of institute’s authority to embrace Open Source Software (OSS) as a tool which improves the standard of library services. The authors are the medical and health library professionals who are inv health libraries in Bangladesh. This will reflect a tremendous impact on library professionals to adapt them with the automation process in the medical and health libraries in Bangladesh



Koha-ILS, Library Automation, Medical Education, Health library, Bangladesh


Vol. 7(2), 1-7, July (2019)