The Adoption of Big Data in Selected Information Institutions in Bangladesh: a study

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Library Philosophy and Practice (e-journal)


Purpose: The purpose of the study is to identify the big data adoption in information institutions as well as to justify the understanding and expertise level of information professionals. The study tried to identify the adoption of big data in the information institutions of Bangladesh. Materials and Methods: A structured questionnaire was adapted cautiously for conducting the study. The Questionnaire was sent to more than 50 professionals of information institutions via email and FB messenger. The respondents are the professionals and faculty members who had the minimum qualification of bachelor/master /postgraduate degree in information science and library management. Among them, 25 respondents from 20 information institutions replied. Result: The study found that most of the information institutions yet to adopt big data properly in Bangladesh. Twenty percent of institutions adopted big data whereas eighty percent did not adopt it even some of the institutions are not aware of big data. The study found that sixty percent of professionals are not aware of the monthly amount of data used in their institutions. 2 The results found that information professionals are, in general, positive in big data adoption. The study also assessed the understanding level of them. Conclusion: The effort has been made to explore the current awareness activities of big data and its adoption in the information institutions of Bangladesh for the first time that will trigger further study on big data.



Adoption, Big data, Information institution, Bangladesh, Library