A Novel Structure Highly Efficient Patch Antenna for UAV Applications

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Department of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering


UAV has gained exclusive attraction to the present world in the field of civilian and military applications. UAV deployment is a matter of tactic for the competitive industries. Research shows that a combined deployment of UAV in the 5G network along with all User Equipment (UEs) is possible with a preplanned methodology. Only 5G, B5G and 6G can accommodate such incorporation of load due to enlarge bandwidth and flexible technical advancement. In the research work, a novel circular patch antenna is proposed with a focus to deploy an UAV in aforementioned network as a UAV.UAV deployment using patch antenna can provide the experts to add more payload as it is light weight and ease of fabrication on the PCB or on the body. The UAV application on the core network can introduce the extreme interference so band specification can be a best solution from 5G spectrum at deployment tenure. To make a feasible deployment, a novel patch antenna is designed for frequency bands of 3.8GHz and 5.8 GHz. The designed antenna shows best reflection co-efficient S11 parameter such as -47 dB and -23 dB respectively. The efficiency is close to 99.99 percent in both lower band 5G frequency 3.8GHz and UAV frequency 5.8GHz


Salsabil Ebna Mostaque T-161043 Syed Mohammad Golam Kader T-161044