Performance Analysis Of FSO Channel Based On Different Amplifier Configuration

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Department of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering


We inspected a DWDM-FSO system that has a 64*40gbps data stream. the analysis is monitored for NRZ line codes as a channel we use free-space optics length to establish a high speed optical wireless communication system within 1 Km length. in this system, we compare different types of configurable amplifier setups these setups smooth our high speed data rate. We also change our receiver optics aperture which given us more reliable performance. The Free space optics system has to remark a different kind of attenuation problem this type of problem we are looking over in our proposed system to establish the best system. evaluating our proposed system we analyzed Bit error rate data, Quality factor data, eye diagram data. By comparing anyone can get a reliable system to the high capacity access network with more bandwidth cost-effective and good flexibility