The Lyrical Strain in Victorian Poetry

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CRP, International Islamic University Chittagong, Bangladesh


This article is an attempt to explore the lyrical strain in Victorian Poetry1. It has been demonstrated that lyrical strain is the combination of subjectivity and melody. Some particular lyric poems of Victorian period have been studied with the help of the views and comments of some critics so that better comprehension of the lyrics as well as the poets may be carried out. Lyrical allusions and references have been drawn from the poems of Tennyson, Arnold and Rossetti to present how the sources of their lyricism vary from one another. In presenting the lyrical features of their poems, the critical method followed is based upon comparison and contrast. Since literature is deemed to be the reflection of life, this study may help the readers understand sentiments and emotions of men and women of that particular period.



Victorian Poetry


Volume 4; December- 2007,Page 49-58, Article-4