Square Split Enclosed Labyrinth Maze Shaped Metamaterial Absorber for Hydrocarbon Sensing, Wi-Fi and Mid-range 5G Applications.

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Department of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering


In This Thesis Square Split Enclosed Labyrinth Maze Shaped structured metamaterial absorber (MMA) has been proposed for Hydrocarbon Sensing, Wi-Fi and Mid-range 5G Applications. The three-layered MMA design has an FR-4 substrate layer laminated copper and a resonating layer of concentric continuous and split rings. This MMA works together S-band and Ku band. Various parameters have been studied to understand the absorption characteristics of the MMA including reflection coefficient, magnetic fields, electric fields, surface currents. The MMA has an absorbance of 99.4% from 2.44 GHz, 3.57 GHz from 91.65%, 98.75% from 12.039 GHz, 95.37% from 15.516 GHz and 95.77% from 16.713 GHz. Also, the proposed MMA sensor provides higher sensitivity in detecting different hydrocarbon by detecting the permittivity changes of the test objects Also, The MMA sensor setup had a peak reflection band at 11.28 GHz. The lowest band shift is 0.01 GHz between Heptane and Octane. That the average sensitivity of the MMA is 1.4 GHz/ɛ for different Hydrocarbon materials. The high absorbance makes this MMA suitable for various microwave applications like that Wi-Fi, Mid-range 5G including hydrocarbon sensing applications.


Submitted by Md. Asiber Rahman bearing ID No. T183005