Development of a telemedicine model with low cost portable tool kit for remote diagnosis of rural people in Bangladesh

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In this paper we have developed a Telemedicine model with portable tool kit for remote patients to collect vital signs of patients which are used for Telemedicine services. This developed system is low cost, portable, and easily maintainable and can be integrated with any complex health system. We have used the GNU health where local doctors can communicate with a low cost terminal. Expert doctors can also take part through this terminal and deliver treatment to the patients. The patient’s medical history is stored in GNU health database and accessed from the remote terminal. We have successfully designed the system and collected the patient's data. Through our developed android apps, the data will be stored in the staging server. From the staging server, any health system can collect the data and give the services to the rural people. Finally we can conclude that, Telemedicine service can be given effectively by using our portable tool kit in a cost effective manner which improves the quality and accessibility especially in rural areas.



telemedicine, gnu, ecg, spo2, glucometer