Software for The Minimization of The Logic Functions

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International Islamic University Chittagong, Bangladesh,


The design and operation of software based on Karnaug}t mapping method was undertaken to simplifying the logic function and to draw the relevant circuits. In the present software, the user selects the input variable and gives the decimal value of the corresponding minterms. The software constructs the Karnaugh map (K_map) corresponding to the input variable. Entries of J are made in the cells corresponding to the min terms that make the function a J in Sum-of-Product (SOP) form and D's are entered in the remaining cells. The software simplifies the Boolean function by correctly grouping the adjacent 1 's.On simplification the software implement logic circuit automatically. The software convert numbers from one number system to another, perform basic binary arithmetic, evaluate and simplify a Boolean and logic functions. It also analyzes a combinational logic circuit to obtain its switching functions, design a combinational logic circuit, simplify the design, implement the design using SSI, MSI, and programmable logic devices. It further analyzes synchronous sequential logic circuits, design synchronous logic circuits using state diagram and ASM chart, simplify the design circuits,. and implement the design circuits using SSI, MSI, and programmable logic devices. Simulate the design circuits using all software. It is also applicable for Neural Networks software for the minimization of the logical functions and may follow Canonical Binary Functions.



K_map,, Sum-of-Product (SOP),, minterms