Prospects and potential of biogas technology in Bangladesh

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The issues of energy crisis, depletion of fossil fuel and global warming are growing concern in the world. To cope up with this situation, the role of renewable energy is becoming more and more significant to meet partially demand of global energy. Biogas is an auspicious renewable energy source that can solve the energy crisis problem at a great extent. As Bangladesh is an agricultural country, it has blessed with plenty of biomass which has been used for extracting energy by generating biogas. Animal manures being accessible in the rural areas are greatly used in producing biogas to be used for cooking and electricity. In Bangladesh around 59.6% of the total population is covered by electricity and 6% is covered under natural gas network. About 62.59% of total electricity develops from natural gas. The main concern of this paper is to quantify the solution of energy crisis through biogas and assess the economical, environmental and social impacts of biogas technology in Bangladesh.



Renewable energy, biogas, poultry waste, cattle manure, municipal waste, prospects of biogas