A Device for Command and Control System for Military Communication

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Department of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering


The objective of this project is to create an advanced military M2M system that combines object and sound detection with command technologies. The system will use computer vision and audio processing to provide real-time information to military personnel in the field. Deep learning techniques, including CNNs, will be utilized by the object detection component to precisely detect weapons, vehicles, and other pertinent objects in real-time. A dataset of military objects will be used to train the object detection algorithm for im proved accuracy and robustness in difficult conditions. The system will utilize signal pro cessing algorithms to differentiate between different sounds, including speech, gunfire, and explosions. The system facilitates swift and precise identification of potential threats by military personnel, enabling them to respond accordingly. The M2M system can be remotely controlled by military personnel through the command system, which facilitates real-time situational awareness and swift response. The system will have a user-friendly interface and will be designed to function in challenging environments, including combat zones. The M2M system will be designed to endure challenging environments, including severe temperatures, dust, and impacts. The system’s ability to function effectively in challenging environments and provide dependable information to military personnel will be guaranteed. A combined M2M system utilizing object detection, sound detection, and command technologies is expected to enhance military operational efficiency and person nel safety. The system enables military personnel to receive real-time information and respond quickly to potential threats.


submitted by Sha Imran Ahmad, bearing Metric ID. T183028 of ses sion Spring 2022