Implementation of IoT Based Smart Assistance Gloves for Disabled People

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Department of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering


People's health risks are increasing day by day. Patients are facing major problems due to a lack of daily checkups on things like heart rate and oxygen level. In particular, elderly patients who cannot move are the worst sufferers. In addition, aged patients have the additional issue of needing 24/7 supervision, which is both time-consuming and expensive. In order to address the issues, this work seeks to offer an intelligent, IOT-based solution. A smart hand glove has been designed for this purpose. This allows the measurement of the patient's oxygen saturation (SpO2) and Heart Rate level via sensors. Moreover, if the patient falls, the result will be detected. The patient can use hand movement to urgently communicate needs such as "Need Food" or "Need Help," which is another crucial feature of this glove. To monitor a patient's health, the messages from each sensor will be forwarded to the particular device via email and mobile SMS. The paper's outcome will make it easier to monitor the health of elderly and disabled people


Nowshad Hasan, Matric ID T181026