Management of Sadaqah through social enterprises: A study on Anjuman Mufidul Islam Bangladesh

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CRP, International Islamic University Chittagong, Bangladesh


Islam prefers a society where justice and equity is maintained and any business upholding the social justice and equity by ensuring social and environmental sustainability may be considered as a business in accordance with Islamic principles. In fact, social enterprises are such business concerns in modern context. Instead of scatter contribution of Sadaqah, its efficient use through the establishment of social enterprises may help ensuring social justice and uphold the prime purpose of Islamic financial systems. Anjuman Mufidul Islam, Bangladesh is one of such enterprises and the study is an endeavor to evaluate the management of Sadaqah by this enterprise. The research also attempts to propose a model for efficient management of Sadaqah through social enterprises. The secondary sources of data collected from the annual report of Anjuman Mufidul Islam, Bangladesh have been used to evaluate how well it is managing Sadaqah and a model for efficient use of Sadaqah has been proposed based on the existing models of social enterprises.



Sadaqah Management, Social enterprises, Anjuman Mufidul Islam, Bangladesh