Islamization of Knowledge in Bangladesh Hindrances and Solutions

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Centre for Research on Islamic Management and Business


The global Muslim Ummah along with Bangladesh is being declined because of their backward and lowly contemporary position in all fields political, economic and religio-cultural. The main factors behind this decline are the current secular-religious duality of the educational system in Muslim societies and the lack of clear vision to guide and direct Muslim action. In this regard, the Islamization of Knowledge is a comprehensive phenomenon what re-establishes the knowledge on its original basis according to the light of revealed knowledge and it is a reformoriented movement driven by a conscious change in Muslim thought, attitude and behavior and characterized by a commitment to revive Islamic Civilization. The study shows that the IOK project has played a prominent role in contemporary scholarship and literature in Bangladesh, both in theory and practices highlighting the concept, origin and development of IOK. It also attempts to identify the problems and obstacles in the way to promote IOK in Bangladesh with recommending its solutions.




Vol. 1 No. 1, December 2013, Page 149-168