Design and Analysis of IoT Based Air Quality Monitoring System

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Department of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering


Air pollution is one of the most serious environmental issues, with numerous health consequences for humans, ecosystems, and the climate. Vehicles are, without a doubt, the primary source of air pollution in all urban areas, with industry serving as a secondary source of pollution. The widespread use of automobiles has resulted in a substantial rise in the number of pollutants in the environment. This is the primary source of environmental degradation, which has a negative impact on human health. Other respiratory problems, such as asthma attacks and skin rashes, have also developed as a result. People's apathy has been exacerbated by the fact that the contaminants that contaminate the air are invisible. As a result, today's most important criteria are general acceptance. The Internet of Things (IoT) has progressed to the point that it can now monitor and even manage the number of harmful compounds in air particles. The goal is to develop a system that can be applied to detect toxic particles in the air. The detection results can be check over a webserver as well as a smartphone application. The purpose of this research is to reliability analysis monitoring and computation of indoor air quality using a microbudget system. Our project work is good for ordinary users since it allows them to quickly determine the level of indoor air quality and to track it in instantaneously