IOT Based Privacy Enabled Controlling and Monitoring Home Appliance System using Mobile Application

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Department of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering


In the name of Allah, the most Beneficent and most Merciful All praises and glory be to Allah (SWT) for blessing us with opportunities and showering upon us His mercy and guidance all through the life. We express my gratitude, sincere appreciation and profound respect to our Supervisor Engr. Raju Ahmed, Professor and Chairman of Computer and Communication Engineering, International Islamic University Chittagong, for his continuous guidance and advice in order to be successfully finishing the entire thesis work. While working, he has been a sincere mentor to do a quality research from the very beginning. He kept us focused on our thesis and helped us improve the quality of our thesis by giving invaluable feedback. We would like to thank all faculty members, staff and fellow classmates of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, International Islamic University Chittagong, for their generous help in various ways for the completion of this thesis. We are also grateful to our parent and families for being extremely supportive while we were doing this work.IIUC