Design And Implementation Of Parabolic Solar Cooker With Tracking System

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Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering


Solar energy is an extremely large, inexhaustible source of energy. the utilization of renewable energy is receiving growing interest worldwide. Cooking is that the measure necessary for people everywhere the planet. the ability from the sun is 1.8×1011 MW on the planet is thousand-fold greater than all other commercial sources of energy available on the planet. Everybody demands clean and safe energy devices with cost-effective. Its use doesn't affect the pollutants to the environment and greenhouse gases. Also, in solar cooker device if glass material coating is completed for the receiver it improves the efficiency of the system and it also increases the temperature of the cooker for cooking. Glass coating improves the absorbance of the receiver surface. To track the sun we used LDR. The amount of heat production on the focus point can be measured using a temperature sensor. Coatings for solar applications are particularly presented and discussed. During this project, designing and fabrication of a Concentrated Parabolic reflector targeting the Experimental analysis of the effect of cooker base coating material on the performance of solar cooker.


submitted by Muntasir Rahman, bearing Matric ID. ET153020 and Abir Bin Rahmat Ullah, bearing Matric ID. ET153042 of session Spring 2020