Solid State Lighting, A solution for Power Crisis in Bangladesh


Electricity is the most usable form of energy. For a developing country like Bangladesh, electricity plays an important factor. Due to increasing population and rapid industrial growth, the country lags behind than its rising demand of electric power supply. Power generation in Bangladesh is mostly dependent on natural gas, coal and fossil fuel which are also responsible for carbon emission. Alternative measures should be taken to resolve this power crisis. If the present power consumption can be reduced using smart energy efficient appliances then it would be possible to meet up the demand of the consumers with the present production capacity. Lighting is responsible for a gentle amount of energy consumption over the year. In this paper we discussed about using smart technologies like Solid State Lighting in terms of reducing energy consumption on lighting sector. Light emitting diode (LED) based solid state lighting technology have potential to exceed the efficiency of conventional lamp based lighting systems. LED offers better quality in lighting, have much longer lifespan and comparatively better on durability with only drawback of initial high pricing. In terms of much longer lifespan, this initial cost is not much accountable. This paper represents the features and efficiency of solid state lighting as well as comparison among conventional lighting and LEDs.



solid state light, power crisis, energy efficient technology, LED