Mystic Songs and Love Lyrics of Lalon and Donne: A Comparative Study

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Centre for Research on Islamic Management and Business


Lalon Shah and John Donne are the two distinguished figures in the literary vista of the two parts of the world. Lalon Shah is basically a mystic Bangladeshi ‘Baul’ and Donne is a 16th century English poet. Though they are poles apart both geographically and chronologically, they share many things in common. Both of them drifted from prevailing religious views and traditional literary practices. John Donne and Lalon Shah have also a wonderful similarity regarding their life and persuasion of their poetic career. Both of them had to undergo bitter experiences in their lives which left a deep mark in their literary works. John Donne pioneered and popularized the metaphysical school of poetry whereas Lalon Shah is the founder of a very specialized branch of Bengali folk songs which were chiefly composed orally in his life time. Both of them exercised a tremendous influence over their successors and followers. Love, religion, faith, soul, God, death etc. are the recurring issues in their poems. One of the most distinctive aspects of metaphysical school of poetry is its abundant exhibition of metaphysical conceits. Mystic and love lyrics of Lalon Shah are also replete with metaphysical conceits. The aim of this paper is to make a comparative study between Donne and Lalon exploring various aspects like themes, philosophy, and style and of course investigating the use of metaphysical conceits in their love lyrics and devotional poetry.



Mystic songs, love lyrics, Devotional poetry, Religious conviction, conceits, Baul philosophy


Vol. 2, No.1, June 2014, Page 165-180