Design And Implementation Of A Plc-Based Automatic Paper Cutting And Fault Finding System

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Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering


Automation is basically the delegation of human control functions to technical equipment's aimed towards achieving: higher productivity, superior quality of end product, efficient usage of energy and raw materials, improved safety in working conditions etc. Before automation paper industry is used to cut the paper manually which was time consuming and large manpower required. So this automation is made for industrial use in automatic paper cutting and folding purpose. The used tools are Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is an industrial computer that monitors inputs, makes decision based on its program and controls outputs to automate a process or machine. And also RC network and DC motor are used for automation purpose. Here we propose the concept of “PLC Based Automatic Paper Cutting and Fault Finding System”. In this mechanism “Programmable Logic Controller” or commonly known as “PLC” are used. In this project “Siemens Logo-OBA4” is used. The PLC being the industrial grade digital computer provides us the full operational control over the system with the help of programming also it makes the system fully automated. These two components make the Automatic Paper Cutting Machine efficient in its task and reliable very up to the mark. For demonstration purpose, our system designed and construct paper cutting and fault finding system. After cutting the paper if any mistake such as length are not accurate then the system indicate and separated the cutting paper. PLC based paper cutting machine has got faster execution time and is more efficient in working along with safety measures to reject faulty paper and ease in operation. The current system outperforms previous systems in terms of both performance and flexibility. This device may also be used to cut thin sheets of metal, cardboard, and plastic. This equipment is quite beneficial for small and medium-sized businesses. By decreasing the quantity of papers at the same time, this project improves the production rate. Furthermore, the running time has been reduced. The main benefit of this project is the decrease of personnel and expense when compared to traditional machinery.


submitted by Md. Abu Sayed Chowdhury, bearing Matric ID. ET-163004 and Rakibul Mustafa Rakib, bearing Matric ID. ET-163013 of session Autumn 2020