A study of in-vivo antidepressant, antidiarrheal and ex-vivo thrombolytic activities of methanol extract of Mikania micrantha leaves

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International Islamic University Chittagong


Mikania micrantha (Asteraceae) has useful properties in the field of medicine. This study is aimed to elucidate the therapeutic potential of crude methanol extract of Mikania micrantha (MEMM) leave, on Swiss mice. The tests for antidepression potential were carried out using the model of both in-vivo forced swimming test (FST) and tail suspension test (TST). Again, the anti-diarrheal efficiency was carried out through the castor oil-induced diarrheal model; the clot-lytic property was investigated by thrombus dissolution property. The test samples showed dose¬dependent (200 mg/kg BW, 400 mg/kg BW) potentiality in antidepressant, anti-diarrheal and thrombolytic activities. MEMM demonstrated a significant increase in swimming tone and mobility in FST and TST. MEMM 400 (mg/kg; b.w.; p.o.) exhibited a significant reduction of diarrhoea over 4 hours. Besides, MEMM produced promising (400 (mg/kg; b.w.; p.o) 43.76 %) clot lysis activity. The observed results of this scientific investigation revealed the possibility of the suitable use of this plant and whether this plant is useful as a source of alternative medicine and new therapeutics.


IIUC Studies pp. 87-108


Anti-depressant, Anti-diarrheal, Castor oil, Loperamide, Mikania micrantha.